Citrus County Fallen Heroes Monument

A monument on hallowed ground paying eternal respect to the Fallen Heroes of Citrus County


Vinnie De Rosa - Chairman - US Army
Ray Cubero - Vice Chairman - US Army
Jim Stepanek - Secretary - US Marine
Morris Harvey - Treasurer - US Merchant Marine
Steven Burch - Former Crystal River Police Chief 
Patricia Flanagan - Gold Star Mom
Ray Michael - US Army
Barbara Mills - Operation Welcome Home

John McGee - US Army
Bob Glancy - Citrus County Parks & Recreation  

The mission of the Citrus County Fallen Heroes Monument, Inc. is to promote and maintain the Fallen Heroes’ Monument located in the Citrus County Bicentennial Park, to honor the memory of the members of all Military Services of the United States who made the ultimate sacrifice, in their service to the county in military conflicts in perpetuity, this shall be accomplished by its members and those volunteers who support and recognize the values of this mission.

This website is a living memorial to true heroes, They led a life of honor, courage, and virtue. They exemplified these values on the battlefield, never demonstrating it more than when they gave there lives to save the lives of others, always putting the well-being of others before there own.


Citrus County Fallen Heroes Board

We need your help today!

We are working diligently to raise the funds needed to maintain the Citrus County Fallen Heroes Monument, as this memorial is funded 100% by public donations. With the showing of your support for our troops that have given their lives to protect us with the very blanket of freedom that the American Flag represents, together, we can make this memorial a remembrance to all of our Fallen Heroes

We ask you to give selflessly as the service men and women did with their lives.

Every donation counts towards the maintains of the Citrus County Fallen Heroes Monument. We know with your support and the support of others, we will have the funds needed to maintain the Monument for generations..

Citrus County Fallen Heroes Memorial, Inc.
6081 W Caruso Ct
Dunnellon, FL 34433
Office 352.436.4200